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- saint - 03-04-1999 10:14 PM

I have sent a few bottles of cloudy bay sauvignon blanc and stoneleigh S/B plus other wines to the USA if anyone is interested please contact me thanks.

- n144mann - 03-05-1999 08:18 AM

Stoneleigh SB = pretty good stuff! Had it at a tasting last weekend. I ordered some there from the group holding the tasting. Nice of you to offer!!

- vitis - 03-05-1999 10:10 AM

I'm interested in seeing what price the Stoneleigh Sauv Blanc sells for in other markets. Here in Connecticut it retails for $7.99/btl.

- n144mann - 03-05-1999 10:19 AM

Here (in Minnesota) it is usually $10.99 up front retail,but you can often find it for less. Last weekend it was $8.25 for those who had attended the tasting which is the lowest I've seen it here. I'm finding that getting to know those managers is a good thing. [img][/img] Not only are they willing to work a little harder for you, they can teach you alot!

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- saint - 03-05-1999 12:49 PM

We pay $14 nzd a bottle for stoneleigh here
in new zealand,so the next time I am in the
USA i will have to bring some home with me.
thanks everyone for your interest.saint.

- n144mann - 03-05-1999 01:58 PM

What is the $$ exchange rate between NZ and US?? What other wines did you send?? Maybe something we have a hard time getting?

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