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- CECY LLANOS - 07-16-1999 09:22 PM

I have a vintage port bottle of wine:

Vintage: 1975
Vineyard: Angle Vale (South Australia)
District: Adelaide Plains
Winemaker: Ray Ward

This bottle is specially marked with "Specially selected by the winemakers for retention for show purposes over the next twenty years- LIMITED RELEASE" on the front of the bottle.

I don't know what to do with this bottle of wine. I'ts been in my family since the day it was purchased. Should I keep it? Sell it? Or trade it? Does this bottle hold any value? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Cecy (

- Bucko - 07-16-1999 10:08 PM

I checked three OZ sources and none list this winery/wine. It is probably from a defunct operation. Value would be limited. Pull the cork and try it -- then let us know what you think!


- Jerry D Mead - 07-21-1999 11:39 AM

Tom Stevenson sent along this message:

Why not drink it? Most people do. The last time I tasted this wine was 1991, when it promised to live at least another 10-15 years if cellared under good conditions. As to value I doubt that it's worth selling. Even in Australia I doubt it would be worth selling, especially a single bottle. If you're curious about it's worth, you could try faxing Australia's premier auction house Oddbins on +61 88362 3355, but honestly, opening up old bottles like this is one of the joys of wine. And even if it's a dud, it will add to your experience, enabling you to appreciate even more bottles of a similar age and type that turn out well in the future. Enjoy.