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- klecko74 - 02-11-1999 03:26 AM

I was reading in "WINE" magazine the start-up of the Klein Begin winery - the first wine venture in South Africa in which vines are owned, farmed and vinified by black South Africans.
For a small donation (£500) you will receive a bottle of 1998 New beginnings maiden vintage and 12 bottles a year for five years stating in 1999.

I have received two email addresses (backwine@iafrica,com &, however, neither have received any reponses.

Has anyone know of another way to contact?
Website (unable to find thus far)?

- Bucko - 02-11-1999 10:25 AM

This has a lot of information on the winery. Check it out.


- catspaw - 02-11-1999 02:52 PM

Note: The distinction between "black South Africans" and "coloured South Africans" is of some considerable import in this situation. "Black" refers to the indigenous majority population which now holds political power, but these are NOT the folks working on farms in the Cape. Most agricultural work in the Cape, other than tending livestock, is performed by the "coloured" population which is resident on the white owned estates, speaks Afrikaans (pretty exclusively) and shares with the Boer population a devotion to the Dutch Reform Church. I'm not impuning anyone's motives; just pointing out the complexity of the SA political scene.