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- Innkeeper - 09-23-2007 04:27 PM

2002 Tobin James, Silver Reserve, Lagrein. Came with the Spring '05 shipment with a list price of $38; but was not reorderable. Alcohol level: 14.9%! WW posted on the '04 on the Other Category thread recently. We posted here because it is an Italian grape.

Our reaction was very similar to the report by Verne without edges. It gave the same red and black fruit on the nose and upfront. There was more fruit in the mature smooth and jammy complexity in the middle, and the finish lingered and lingered. I'm sure the Italians would not recognize it!

We matched it with an ad hoc version of our Neareast Lamburgers that were grilled over charcoal and mesquite chips, baked sweet potato, and sliced purple Brandywine tomatoes.