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- Bucko - 04-14-1999 09:02 AM

1997 Hogue Chardonnay, Barrel Select, Columbia Valley, $14, 3,911 cases produced. WA is beginning to make good strides from the oak bomb Chards they produced a few years ago. This incredibly priced wine is rich, with peach and pear fruit, moderate vanilla oak flavors that are in balance, and a soft mouthfeel. Only 12% of the wine went through MLF, making this a nice, crisp food wine that will pair well with a cream-based seafood dish such as lobster thermidor. I've had Chards at well over twice the price that were not as enjoyable.


- Van The Man - 04-16-1999 10:44 AM

Bucko -

Thanks for the tip. That one does indeed look delish!