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- summa - 08-07-2001 07:59 PM

Any Suggestions on the best chard under $15?

- Innkeeper - 08-08-2001 05:39 AM

Piece of cake. Cave De Lugny, Macon Lugny, Chardonnay, "Les Charmes." You may already have it. Very widely distributed. Don't know how many times this baby has bailed me out when the only other choices were oak with with my flounder.

- summa - 08-09-2001 05:58 AM

Thankee, any other suggestions in the "non splintering" category?

- Innkeeper - 08-09-2001 07:21 AM

This will be your third recommendation on this line, but at least they all come from the same distributor; Columbia Crest, Grand Estate, Chardonnay. It is very light on the oaky doaky.

- barnesy - 08-09-2001 10:10 PM

If you can still find it in your area,

Banrock Station Unwooded Chard.

Its great at 7 bucks. Cept the morons aren't sending it to the U.S. anymore....everywhere else, but not to the U.S. [img][/img]

IK tried to find out why they aren't shipping the unwooded to the US, but all he got was the typical corporate crap babble.

I think my warehouse still has some in stock...may have to get a few bottles before they're gone.


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- Bakari - 08-18-2001 11:23 PM

I like California Chardonnays. I recently purchased a $5.99 Westwood Vinyards 2000. It's prety good - try it if you can get it in your area.

- Botafogo - 08-19-2001 11:30 AM

Pietra Santa, Central Coast: made by an Italian guy in a fresh and drinkable Italian style and bottled in a striking clear version of the "lumpy" or "lopsided" Gattinara bottle. We call it "Chateau Chicks Dig It!" cause it is a big hit with the ladies....

Oh, and it's $8.99.

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- winoweenie - 08-19-2001 06:10 PM

According to my resident authority there's only one cherce.....Louis Latour 1999 Ardeche Chard at the huge number of 6.79. Nothing is too good for my child-bride. Big-Spending Weener

- Botafogo - 08-19-2001 07:13 PM

But, Verne, I REFUSE to give any money to those guys at Wildman who import it.... It would probably be $3.49 if they weren't involved, Roberto

PS: Are we ready for a thread on which Importers have the highest mark-ups and distribution overhead? It could get messy...

- winoweenie - 08-20-2001 06:03 AM

Roberto, Don't think some of the younger members on the board should be subjected to this kind of language at this fragile time in their development. WW (It's still one whale of a SW at the price)

- summa - 08-24-2001 11:28 PM

I used to love and trust Wildman in my past life, but what in God's name has happened to them?? I can't seem to trust them anymore, and have heard some nasty rumors....goes to show you how out of touch I am these days.

- zenda2 - 12-28-2002 10:04 AM

It's been a year or so, are there any recent updates?

- Innkeeper - 12-28-2002 10:56 AM

Again check the Oz/Kiwi thread for this past year; most of mine are there.

- Drew - 12-28-2002 10:57 AM

The Aussie 2001 Madfish Chard is delish for about $12.


- joeyz6 - 12-28-2002 11:54 AM

Again, the Columbia Crest Grand Estates. The 2000 was a delight, and cost me $8 per at Sam's.