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- TheEngineer - 02-20-2005 02:39 PM

ohhhhhhhhhhh my.....where do I start.

Not a Chardonnay fan but this bottle is FANTASTIC. From the Okanagan Valley area of British Columbia.

As I was serving all of my friends, I noticed as they nosed the wine that they made a lot of strange faces and said words that I never heard of associated with NA Chardonnays. One even throught that they had a riesling in their hands. The body is full, mouth filling, great flavor, apple, pineapple. Pure golden in color. A little smokey but absolutely smooth, clean and crisp but the finish was medium to long.

Wine is some combination of oaked and unoaked, which let the fruit and delicateness of the Chardonnay come through. Very sophisicated drink

This bottle did not go unfinished...... unfortunately made the 2002 Landmark outlook look absolutely flat, lifeless, tasteless and exceedingly normal, normally something that is not attributed to this.

Oh Canada indeed. Especially considering its $30 price tag.....Canadian or about $25 USD.

This was the overall concensus winner last night.

Food Pairing was Norweigan Salmon Roe and Scottish Gravlax served on chardonnay sushi rice and cucumber with wasabi dressing and BC Wild Salmon Pate

Make sure that the bottle is a reserve from the S.L.C. wines as the difference is rather large. Bottle shape and logs are all different so they are easy to spot.

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- TheEngineer - 03-06-2005 11:20 AM

Going to Ottawa today....maybe I can find a few more of these bottles..... [img][/img]

- Glass_A_Day - 03-06-2005 04:56 PM

Great note. I will keep an eye out!