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- Jerry D Mead - 01-05-1999 04:36 PM

Omaka Springs 1998 "Marlborough" Chardonnay ($12) Slightly tropical flavors with a bit of pineapple and more of that famous NZ lime citrus. Full-flavored no oak style for those who favor fruit over wood. Rating: 89/89 (Contact the importer at: (818) 386-9877)
Wines are scored using a unique 100 point system. First number rates quality; second number rates value.

- Botafogo - 01-07-1999 07:31 PM

Jerry, I have the (tall, dark and handsome) importer, Alex Guarachi of TGIC Imports STANDING RIGHT HERE! He would like to say:

"Hi, Jerry, it was great to see you the other night, dinner was wonderful and thanks so much for the kind words about the wines"

Sorry, ladies, he's taken but he does still believe in service and has manners, Roberto

- Jerry D Mead - 01-07-1999 08:09 PM

Did he get you to taste that killer SAuvignon Blanc with all the lime just oozing out of it? Like, Cloudy Bay eat your heart out...well, almost.


- Botafogo - 01-07-1999 08:15 PM

YES!!!!!!!!! We snapped up some for the next newsletter. Funny, we sell almost NO California SB but the ones from SA, NZ and Friuli rock on out the door. Boys and girls can you say "Food Friendly"???