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- n144mann - 02-21-1999 07:50 PM

I was wondering if anyone has tried Hogue's Cab. I bought a bottle of Hogue Barrel Select '94 (100% cab not one of their blends) on sale the other day (cheap) and wondered if there was any info out there about whether this was strictly an everyday drink, or something that may be suitable to serve friends. Any opinions appreciated.

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- Bucko - 02-23-1999 04:00 AM

Hogue is always a "safe" wine, maybe not the prettiest rooster in the henhouse, but it can still crow a bit.... ;-)


- n144mann - 02-23-1999 09:52 AM

Thanks Bucko. I only like to serve wines with significant "crow-ability" to friends,(after all they deserve it, esp. when the meal doesn't turn out :-o ) I will remember to drink this one at home with the husband.

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