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- n144mann - 03-01-1999 10:17 AM

Do any of you know of a website for Silver Oak?? Have not been able to find one.

- Kcwhippet - 03-01-1999 01:22 PM

Their website is I just tried it and it's still up.


- Kcwhippet - 03-01-1999 01:24 PM

BTW, if you're looking for other winery web sites try They list hundreds of links.


- n144mann - 03-01-1999 01:30 PM

Hey thanks for the info!!

- n144mann - 03-03-1999 10:52 AM

Hey guys, I asked my retailer about the Silver Oak and he said that here it is on Restaurant Reserve. The retailers are not allowed to sell it, or even to purchase it. Do you guys have this problem?? Or is it just another Minnesota perk. (grumble grumble) Could I get it from the winery??

I have this question in at my retailers website too, because I was unclear what MN shipping laws were, but wanted to know if any of you had to deal with this type of problem, and what is the best way to get around it.

Any opinions appreciated!

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- Kcwhippet - 03-03-1999 01:04 PM

I just picked up some Silver Oak a few weeks ago here in MA. It's on the shelves, and I haven't heard anything about it being allocated to restaurants. It's probably something Jesse Ventura dreamed up [img][/img]

If you want to learn more about shipping laws, go to


- n144mann - 03-03-1999 02:38 PM

Thanks for rubbing it in Bob [img][/img] No really, appreciate the info and I will just have to check into it further. I kinda think this is a new thing because a friend of mine who had a wine store until recently(about a year ago or so) is the one who told me to look for it. If I decide I just have to have it, I'll find a way! [img][/img]

Thanks Bob

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- Jerry D Mead - 03-03-1999 05:46 PM

Re the Silver Oak...don't go out of your way for the 1993 or 1994, but the 1995 which is scheduled for Aug 1 release is worth the effort...pretty special juice, and this from one who is not Silver Oak's biggest fan.


- n144mann - 03-03-1999 08:23 PM

Thanks Curm. That gives me some time to check out if it is available in the nearby states on the shelves. Iowa and Wisconsin are each only about one hour away. I think I've got the info down now. (talked to the friend who had the wine store)If I can't find it, I will have to get it from the winery. MN says you can import only a total of a case a year into the state, but don't think anyone really keeps track. Oh, the restaurant reserve standing on Silver Oak is not a new thing, he (my friend) just neglected to tell me about the small details like not being able to buy it here. [img][/img] Thanks again for the help!

- Kcwhippet - 03-04-1999 09:26 AM

As I read MN law, you can receive 2 cases per year (up to a maximum of 9 liters) from each winery. There are certainly enough wineries that can ship you wines you can't get in MN that you can assemble a really impressive cellar in just a year. Think of the possibilities. Boggles the mind. Living in Massachusetts really rots. I have to have wine shipped to me through friends in Connecticut. Wineries must get a Compliance Certificate to sell wine in MA, and only through a licensed wholesaler. If they sell direct to consumers, they lose their certificate, hence their ability to sell any wine in MA. If they sell without a certificate, it's a felony and they then lose their federal license to produce wine. Jerry Mead has been expounding on this for years, and we're (most of us) behind him 100%. This is a long rant, and in the wrong topic, but this has really irritated many, many people.

- n144mann - 03-04-1999 01:16 PM

Well Bob, I stand corrected! I didn't go and do my own homework, just simply told my husband to ask our friend. (they work together and I was busy getting ready for weekend guests) Excuses Excuses I know! I am sure my friend knows the details, but since I didn't ask myself he either neglected to enlighten my husband fully, or my husband screwed it up. That will teach me [img][/img] If I want it right, better do it myself!! Or ask you guys [img][/img] As for the possibilities, I have thought of lots of them, only problem is, my wine budget won't support them all. [img][/img]
Thanks for all the help Bob!!

Well went and did my own homework Bob,think you got it right. Thanks again!

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- Packrat - 03-04-1999 01:31 PM

CT is no great bargain for wine. Yes, we can have it shipped here, but to buy it from a local retailer is not cheap. Most wines are $1 or $2 cheaper in MA, plus there is no sales tax. We get whacked an extra 6% on top of regulated prices. I could go to, oh, Sturbridge or Springfield several times a year and stock up, but of course I would NEVER do that, it being illegal [img][/img]
I guess that was just a long-winded version of "The grass is always greener...",but I hope you know what I meant.

- Kcwhippet - 03-04-1999 02:57 PM

I would never buy wine in CT. It's much less expensive in MA. Also, I give the majority of my business to three wine shops up here. Since I'm such a good customer, the managers give me 20% off anything I buy, not just on case lots. Most shops, even Yankee Spirits and Big Y, will normally give you at least 10% off a case. My problem is that wineries won't ship to me in MA because of the restrictive laws. They will ship to CT.


- RickBin389 - 03-05-1999 10:30 AM

Hi Nancy,

Sounds like you are dealing with an egotistic distributer in Minn....I own a Restaurant in Fl. & come across these games the distributers play on a regular basis. My advice would be to contact the winery directly ( they - S.O.- are complete snobs, don't hold your breath for a reply) and tell them how you are "shut out in Minn.".. If they don't offer to help, post another message & maybe I can reccomend 50 or so superior cabs in the same price range....good luck.

- n144mann - 03-05-1999 10:41 AM

Its a deal Rick! Actually, if you don't mind, send the list anyway! Either put it up here or send it to my personal email address.
As for S.O., I have heard from others who share your opinion.

- n144mann - 03-05-1999 01:42 PM

Bob, I was re-reading the law, and I think maybe the limit is two per customer per year total, not two from each winery.
Even so, its still not too bad. [img][/img]

Hey Rick, I lived in Florida for 4 years, where is your restaurant??

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- RickBin389 - 03-05-1999 04:37 PM

Hi Nancy,

I'll give you one right off the bat - well two & i'll e-mail more.....
1995 Pahlmeyer meritage , outstanding now , or will lay down for 5-10 years ( my estimate). Big, big fruit with nice oaky balance & lingering finish make this a standout. For half the price, I continue to be impressed with the 94 or 95 Estancia meritage .. will probably run you in the high teens at most. Drinks twice the price.
We are in Sarasota.....
Rick.....excuse the typing please, new laptop - little keyboard..

- n144mann - 03-05-1999 04:56 PM

Thanks Rick!
Sarasota....nice area. We were over in Melbourne Beach area.
Looked at your description of your place....sounds nice!!

PS-As for the rush, please do at your convenience. Thanks again. You are all so very helpful!!

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