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- RickBin389 - 10-21-1999 09:40 AM

Does anyone have experience with this small production winery?, if so tasting notes, comments would be helpful.

- Jason - 10-21-1999 09:14 PM

Very well regarded stuff, super small production. Tom Eddy has been consulting for several wineries of late, one of which is EOS in Pasa Robles.
His own wines are pretty rare. I think all he makes is the Cab. Say hello to Max.

- Randy Caparoso - 10-21-1999 11:53 PM

We've done a couple of recent vintages of Mr. Eddy's Cabernet Sauvignon. Huge, thick, concentrated, powerful, yet finely sculpted and balanced. Beautiful -- and yes, rare and a little pricey -- stuff, with classic Napa Valley breadth. Even the hand cut label attracts. Strongly recommended "insider's" wine.

- RickBin389 - 10-22-1999 02:02 PM

thanks Jason, Max is doing great - and thanks for the comments gents, i am going to lay down a six pack.

- Randy Caparoso - 10-22-1999 11:40 PM

Well, since you're going to go with it, you should know that before going off on his own projects, Tom Eddy was the winemaker of considerable notoriety (star quality) for Chateau Souverain. The only reason I'm familiar with his hand crafted bottlings is because he is married to a former Hawaii colleague (sommelier business) of mine, Kerry (Willerton) Eddy. Good people!

- Jerry D Mead - 10-23-1999 03:51 PM

And after Tom left Souverain he took on the task of turning The Christian Brothers around before Heublein sold it and its great old vineyards off. It was fun while it lasted...there were several vintages of CB Cabernets that had to be some of the best values of all time.