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- mdipalo - 09-06-2000 09:22 AM

Had a wine this past week dated 1996, Mount Veeder with a combination on Merlot, Cabarnet and about 3 others.
Can you give me more information on this such as the exact name or what it includes as I am trying to find this wine in NY. I know the bottle goes for over $50.

Thank you

- Innkeeper - 09-06-2000 09:56 AM

Hi Mdipalo, and welcome to the Wine Board. If you go to and enter Mount Veeder Reserve Meritage, 1996; you will see that Rancho Cellers, Carmel, CA has it for $55.95 plus S&H.

- RAD - 09-07-2000 07:44 PM

If you find a bottle of this in NYC, snap it up--I've called numerous shops and bought the last few I could find 3-4 months ago.

I most recently found bottles of this in VT (one, which I bought) and ATL (several, which won't get snapped up any time soon). An awesome wine. WS rates it a 91, for what it's worth.