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- Joe Schmoe - 02-25-1999 09:43 AM


You have my attention. What's your theory then? I am currently writing a piece on Health and Wine, and am keen to hear your thoughts.

Joe Wadsack

- Thomas - 02-25-1999 03:10 PM

Mind you, this is a layman's theory with no basis in fact.

I have come across a few alcoholics in my day, and a few have reformed. It always made me wonder why it is that the reformed develop sugar habits. Have you ever seen what people at AA meetings consume along with their coffee?

Closer to home, wife's family has history of both diabetes and alcoholism, and one of her relatives is exploring the connection.

Perhaps an alcoholic's physical craving is connected to a sugar imbalance. Alcohol is mainly sugar. Or perhaps alcoholics have the reverse problem -- hypoglycemia (sp).

- Thomas - 02-26-1999 09:01 AM


Forgot to say one other thing. A good part of a hangover mimic the symptoms of low blood sugar.