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- Ronan - 04-21-1999 01:23 PM

Sorry I'm a bit of a wine "newbie" but I was wondering if anyone
ever heard of a wine called: Château Haut Chantélys 1991 ?
I'm thinking of buying a case and watch the price soar. Am I wise?

- n144mann - 04-21-1999 01:52 PM

Ronan, I was just wondering why you seem so interested in using wine for investment purposes?? I can not comment on the wine you picked, but I do know from my own investment experience, it is best to invest in those things that you know about. For example, my husband has a PhD in Molecular Biology, and works in the bio-tech/research field, and so when we invest in the stock market (which we only do with a small amount of our investment $$$), we pick bio-tech firms because we know what they are doing, get the inside scoop on what the FDA has in store for their trials, the outlook for their products and so on. We don't always win, but we do more often than someone playing the bio-tech market who does not know anything about it. Just my opinion.

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- amshih - 04-21-1999 02:59 PM

I have to agree with the above post, but if you still want to invest in wine, most people buy the current vintage or "futures", when the price is (theoretically) at its lowest. Of course, now that the price of Bordeaux has nosedived, folks who bought futures actually lost money.

IMHO -- you should by the wines you like to drink. If the value goes up, great. If not, you can always drink the rest. Selling off wine is even trickier than buying it because each state has its own quirky laws on who can sell and who can't. Don't even get me started on those...