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- flwrhead - 08-11-2000 04:14 PM

Hi! I'm going to Sonoma Valley next week for the Russian River Valley Grape to Glass weekend. I'm sure I'll want to purchase a few bottles and bring them back with me. I'm flying Delta, if that matters. Can anyone let me know if I'll run into trouble for bringing back wine and if I'm better off bringing it back in a carry on instead of checked luggage? Thanks!

- winoweenie - 08-11-2000 05:35 PM

Flwrhead, welcome to the board. As long as your bringing it back personally, I don`t think you`ll run into any problems. Depending on the value and scarcity of the wines you purchase my reccomendation are these; Expensive wines , Carry....Others check. I`ve taken lots of juice inro Georgia with no problem winoweenie

- Innkeeper - 08-11-2000 05:37 PM

Hi Flowerhead, and welcome to the Wine Board. In a former life, we did a lot of travelling, including to many wine localities. To facilitate getting some home, purchased the largest available Samsonite hard brief case. It holds (still use it occasionally) exactly a case of wine. Used to shove all brief case contents into my suitcase. The most hastle we ever received was a raised eyebrow from a lady at the security checkpoint. Then we simply shoved it under the seat infront. Is all this legal? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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- Bucko - 08-11-2000 07:09 PM

I have flown all over the USA, carrying wine and checking wine as excess baggage -- nary a problem. Personal usage is not what the fed boys are after for the most part. When I was with the military in Honolulu, we would fly back to our home in WA for a visit, pack up *ten* cases of wine from our cellar, and fly back with them, paying $30 a case for excess baggage -- pretty cheap shipping charges.

I'll be glad when this Victorian nonsense is finally put to rest.


- Thomas - 08-12-2000 07:19 AM

Bucko, this nonsense is worse than Victorian; in my view, it is a situation where opportunistic short-sightedness (wholesalers and government crats) meets historical American Calvinism.

- winoweenie - 08-12-2000 12:36 PM

Buck-Man, Did Foodie say he`s unhappy with some-thing or What? Is he plugging Ripken for the All-Star team? I hate it when they use them big words.winoweenie ( And contrary to Casta`s belief, the X-Ray machine doesn`t cause cancer in Sulfites )

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- flwrhead - 08-14-2000 08:34 AM

Thanks, everyone, for your replies. Living in Alabama tends to make one paranoid, as Alabama will not allow wine to be shipped in state, not even from! Now how backwards is that? I had to join a wine club to get shipments of unusual/hard-to-find wines, and even then, I'm at the mercy of what the wine club sends me! (so far it's been great). I look forward to the day we can order and drink our wine in peace and relative ease!

- mrdutton - 08-14-2000 04:11 PM

My gawd, you hit the nail on the head with that last statement.

There are a lot of us who are waiting for the day when we can order our wine from anyplace we choose and sit back, relax and sip!

- winoweenie - 08-14-2000 07:36 PM

Sip, Snip, Schlip, my expansive patootie. MrD the last time you sipped was during the last black-snow in Va. Glug,Gurggle, Gorge is more like the action when you guys join the civilized crowd. winoweenie