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- barnesy - 09-14-2000 11:00 PM

Is there any movement amongst the US wine producers or other parties that would put legislative backing to the term "reserve?" I know with US wines, unlike Italian wines which regulates aging length for the reserve labeled bottles, its buyer beware when it comes to the term reserve.


- Thomas - 09-15-2000 07:06 PM

Barnesy, there are a few producers upset over the situation, but I know of no movement to change it. When you think about it, why should producers change the situation? They have a built-in marketing device. Believe it or not, many consumers think the word, reserve, promises a great wine--generally, it means lots of wood.

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- chittychattykathy - 09-15-2000 11:04 PM

This is part of what is going on in Washington state:
  (Washington Wine Quality Alliance) WWQA
As announced last year, members of the WWQA agree to the following quality standards:
Reserve labeling – WWQA members will limit the use of the word “reserve” on their wine label to small
lot, limited release wines as defined by the WWQA.
Washington Vitis Vinifera grapes – WWQA members agree to produce wines made 100% from vitis
vinifera grapes from Washington State’s federally-approved viticultural appellations.
Geographic terms – WWQA members will not confuse Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chablis or Champagne on
their front labels.

- Thomas - 09-16-2000 07:22 AM

Three cheers for the Washington Quality Alliance. An alliance like that was attempted in NY State on more than one occasion, but too many producers are too short-sighted (and not quite marketing savvy either).