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- anna - 04-18-2000 06:15 AM

A Boston journalist weighs in against the "health effects" labelling that is currently being supported by the wine industry. IMHO -- anecdotal evidence is not particularly convincing, especially when the alcohol abuser being profiled here only drank beer and hard liquor. Yet another example of how busybodies want to protect us from ourselves.

On an unrelated note, is anyone particularly surprised that opened up with a fizzle instead of a bang? Shipping only to CA residents -- jeez, they already allow shipping anyway! Whatever happened to the grand plan to allow shipping to all 50 states?

- Bucko - 04-18-2000 07:25 AM

The journalist obviously did not do their homework. There are probably at least 200 studies showing a cardioprotective curve with the use of alcohol alone, not to mention other positive effects found with wine.


- Thomas - 04-18-2000 12:28 PM

Bucko, send the journalist a list of the 200 studies, not that he will liekly read them, but he might get the message--if he is not already a rabid anti!

Re, I think Jerry was among the first to say "Show me," and of course, they did not.