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- Jerry D Mead - 07-02-1999 01:04 AM

Curmy keeps telling anyone who will listen that moves to lower permissible BAC to .08 in various states is neither about drunk driving or even's all about stepping stone downward to what the anti-alcohol forces really want...ZERO TOLERANCE.

Washington State was after .02 earlier this year...and now Utah wants to lower BAC to .04 before the coming Olympics and ban all out-of-doors drinking...patios, tents, etc.

Orrin Hatch and his Mormon friends really want to show or visitors from the rest of the world about American if they didn't already think we were crazy enough.


- Thomas - 07-02-1999 07:08 AM

I welcome the fact that Hatch claims he will run for Presidential nomination; now people should have a chance to evaluate the smoothy moralist and religious fanatic that he is.