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- Jerry D Mead - 03-18-1999 01:31 PM

Not only did the Detroit Free Press write a very one-sided anti direct shipping story, it appears to have been instigated by an attorney general who has obviously been duped by the anti-alcohol fanatics.

She actually had the audacity to tell me in a phone conversation that not only was she protecting the youth of Michigan from evil alcohol bought on the Internet, but was protecting Michigan citizens of all ages from getting inferior, unregulated booze...maybe even "moonshine." Honest to God...she said that.

Anyone ordered from lately?

The Free Press needs to get some letters too. Once again, e-mail me if you missed seeing that article and wish to respond.


- amshih - 03-18-1999 04:48 PM

Like the good wine-loving citizen that I am, I called the Free Press reporter who did the story. I let her know about the *wholesaler's* own proposed Naxon website (and she didn't even know about it!) and highlighted the oddness of the connections between ARAA, WSWA, and now Naxon.

She told me that they'll be writing another story about this in the next week or two, and I would be one of her contacts. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but I feel that I did my own little part. Yes, a letter is going to Ms. Granholm this weekend as well.

- Thomas - 03-18-1999 05:05 PM


Make sure you send a one page synopsis of your conversation to the reporter -- let's her know you aren't going away.

- Jerry D Mead - 03-18-1999 08:05 PM

And don't hesitate to send her to the editor & publisher of The Wine Trader magazine. Jerry Mead will be pleased to provide deep background on the issue at (800) 845-9463.