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- Drew - 03-06-2001 09:38 AM

Maryland's Comptroller/ex Gov is starting to irritate me!


- Innkeeper - 03-06-2001 10:06 AM

Sounds like the bill has a chance. Another development reported by Dan Berger in last week's newsletter is that wine may be appearing in New York supermarkets. He says the retailers, not the wholesalers are fighting it, which makes sense. Up here the supermakers only carry mass marketed wines. This leaves a huge selection for the retailers, even if they have to use the same distributors. Don't think any NY supermarket would carry anything in Is Wines' inventory. Some fat, lazy retailers would be hurt.

- Thomas - 03-07-2001 08:25 AM

My dearest IK, the rumor of wine in grocery stores pops up in NY every few years. The retailers association is powerful and dead against it; I have no faith in its imminent possibility. But I have been and still am for it. And now that I own a shop, I can see the benefit in adding some grocery items to my wine retail--olive oil, for one.

You are correct: large stores will not carry the kinds of products I sell, but it is large retailers who object, and who will likely lose out--which is ok with me, since most of them should be in the fast-food business anyway...

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- winoweenie - 03-07-2001 07:28 PM

Foodie and Ik, Our state, unenlightened in it's shipping as it be, does make our selection process a joy with ever-boddie carrin' all the goodies. We have an unending array of oils, cheeses, pates etc that the top stores offer and the good daily things on the shelves at the better wine shops. Foods, you'd have a ball with the great array of imports you'd be able to offer with your wines. Maybe you'll be able to overthrow the cartels and actually merchandise what-ever in the blue-blazes fits your pistol. WW

- Thomas - 03-07-2001 11:45 PM

ww, I can only hope for such heavenly benefits. NY has a corrupt and disgusting alcohol control system--it is all about money: who has it (hence the power) and who can raise it through fines imposed for infractions of the myriad and confusing rules.