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- anna - 05-24-2000 06:47 AM runs into logistical snags, is 6 months behind schedule, and is generally not living up to its hype. Rather than offering a huge array of wines to all 50 states, they plan to offer wine to 15 states by year's end (and who knows how good the selection will be?). Of course, we all knew this was going to happen when it started.

Virginia wineries have problems getting repeat business due to shipping restrictions.,1660,500207393-500289511-501570114-0,00.html

- Thomas - 05-24-2000 06:57 AM

Anna, everytime I hear about I think of the curm. He had that one right on; didn't he?.

- anna - 05-26-2000 06:32 AM

Yep, Curmy had it right on...boy I miss the guy. He was always great for a rant or two.

More updates:

Labels, labels, labels. I'm still trying to figure out why the politicians are so against pointing the public to health information that it's OWN government agency puts out!

Good news for Illinois wine industry folks: the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an injunction, stating that laws that make it harder for wineries to cancel contracts with wholesalers amounts to "economic protectionism".