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- Jerry D Mead - 03-03-1999 06:26 PM

Have been told that Oregon (a major wine producing state) has legislation in the works to lower permissible BAC to .06 The lowest current standard in the US is .08

I've warning folks for years that the anti-alcohol radicals pushing these laws are no longer concerned about drunks...they are after "zero tolerance" and basically stopping all drinking.

We really must oppose these .08 (and .06) laws whenever proposed, because they will not stop it will be .04...and then .02.

I am not being paranoid. I predicted vehicle confiscation such a NYC is currently practicing without due process at least two years ago.

Wake up America...we're on the way to a new Prohibition.


- Van The Man - 03-17-1999 10:21 AM

Jerry -

Thanks for keeping us informed. And you're right, we ABSOLUTELY MUST fight these things tooth and nail.

In Rhode Island, the state is trying to take the law down to 0.08. I have written to and tried to communicate the absurdity by asking "who will pay for it?" After all, we all know that if you lower the standard, there will be more potential "violators." And if there are more violators, who will monitor them assuming the real problems, those at 0.15 and above, will continue to drive.....and they will.

The bottom line is this: If we try to legislate 100% safety and make our country a "risk free" country, we'll legislate all our tights and freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to win.

- Bucko - 03-17-1999 10:50 AM

Potts, is that you? If so, stick around. Van has a great palate and a good wine sense for those who do not know him. He also has a lovely wife who took him on as a charity case....... }:>


- Van The Man - 03-17-1999 12:57 PM

>>He also has a lovely wife who took him on as a charity case<<

Good point! <lol>

Hey seriously, this looks like a GREAT place and I'm glad to be here and glad that Jerry Mead pointed it out in The Wine Trader.

I know some other folks who will be interested too! }:>