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- Jackie - 01-03-1999 01:17 PM

Well folks, it turns out that the problems with cookies were caused by a Y2K bug in the software. It has been corrected now.

Basically, cookies were being set to expire in the year 99 + 1 = 00, instead of 2000. Since 00 is less than 99, all cookies were considered already expired.

This, in turn, caused lightbulbs and folders not to show up in the right colors -- but was otherwise harmless. It should all be fine now.

- Jackie - 01-03-1999 05:24 PM

Bob just helped me run a test with the AOL internal browser. To clear any OLD EXPIRED cookies, we recommend resetting your PREFS:

Click on PREFS (top of screen). Login with password. Select the button option to store cookies for 1 year. Click on button to submit.

This resets the browser's cookie to expire in the correct year (2000).

Also, if you want a link from "Favorite Places" right now, you should bookmark the page at

Coming in this way, the browser will record the time/date of your login. This generates yellow light bulbs and pink folders to show where new messages have been posted since your last visit.

Thanks for your patience in working out the kinks.

- Bucko - 01-03-1999 05:43 PM

Jackie, if Bob helped you to do anything, check all of your pockets and get your hepatitis shot right away.


- Woodman - 01-03-1999 06:00 PM

That case of wine is going to make great marinade...........

- Bucko - 01-03-1999 06:49 PM

I think the announcement may be a little premature. I re-registered, clicked on the save for a year, posted a few messages, signed off - You got it - had to enter my name and password again.


- Bucko - 01-03-1999 06:58 PM

Okay, now it is working again. I think that the Meadster has been watching "Ghost in the Machine" again.........


- SteveZ - 01-03-1999 07:29 PM

Ok, let's see if this works. I have done what Jackie said, and with this post, I had to type in the username and password. I'll now go out and come back in and see if it resets.

- Dave - 01-03-1999 09:03 PM

perhaps its "the soul of a new Machine" Bucko should be thinking of?

- Roberta - 01-03-1999 10:21 PM

Cool. It worked.

- SteveZ - 01-03-1999 10:34 PM

Just a quick question:

After I click on "Post a Reply" and the screen comes up, to the very left is this:

*UBB Code is OFF

Could this have anything to do with my problems?

- EPICURUS - 01-03-1999 11:37 PM

Since Steve touched on these in asking about an unrelated problem, is there a reason why HTML and UBB Code are off? UBB seems a minimal way to accentuate certain points and provide a live hyperlink without having the cut a paste.

Just curious. Not really necessary for the main functions of this board.

- Guest - 01-04-1999 10:12 AM

When you click on preferences be sure to click on reset, then click on "yes" for a year. I think that may clear up any remaining problems.