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- Jerry D Mead - 01-07-1999 12:44 PM

I'm posting this for a friend who has a friend...or something like that:

Hey, Jerry, maybe some of the netters could help with this one. During
my holiday travels, a friend showed me a bottle of old port. The label
reads "Correa Ribeiro 1937 Port. Vinho do Porto." It is a short, round,
unusually shaped bottle, still with its original seal. The ullage is
down slightly, and from what I could tell, the wine is a brilliant
amber color. My friend said he acquired it about 30 years ago, paid $30
for it, put it in his basement in Iowa and forgot about it until he
moved to Tucson last year and found it. The question is, what can you
tell me about this wine and what might it be worth? Thanks for any help
you can give. Cheers! Mike...

- Jerry D Mead - 01-08-1999 05:53 AM

The attached from friend oportorah from another board where this question was posed:

Jerry my guess is, that since it is from an "off" vintage, and does NOT specify Vintage Porto on the is a Colheita (aged Tawny from a specific vintage). It is probably delicious and if it was stored properly, will be a fine drink today.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-08-1999 05:55 AM

Another post from a former retailer from that "other" board:

Sounds like one of several "vintages" of same that we sold at Sequoia Wine cellars in Newport beach in the early seventies for somewhat less than the $30 mentioned. All were rather light in color, body and flavor, interesting at best, and (as I recall) among those who worked there and knew a little about Port, of rather questionable parentage. Nobody seemed to be able to help us pigeon hole them for us at that time. If Ed Russell were around, he could possibly shed some light.