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2006 Osoyoos Larose Le Grand Vin - TheEngineer - 08-14-2013 08:02 PM

Time to check in on this winery again. I've liked their initial products more for their bravery in trying out this new wine region and for the moderately priced well proportioned wines of the past.

The 2006 is very much in line with the others, medium body, no over extraction, this one comes with a bit of a asian spice nose, some smokiness, but little on the fruit side and therein lies my problem with this. I was hoping that after a few more years of the veines being in the ground, that this would start to show a bit more fruit. Perhaps it is in a bit of a dumb phase. It is still reasonably attractive, good with food wine. A bit austere, a bit lacking in fruit, but decent structure. I like this wine but at $45-$50, I'm gonna start to compare these to Sociando Mallet or Chasse Spleen and I know which ones I like better. Maybe a few more years will start to year results. I remain interested in its development. It benefits from a good local scene that will consume everything it produces but it needs to become better to be competitive with the stuff coming out of Bordeaux in order to survive at that price.