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1985 Mas Dumas Gassac - TheEngineer - 11-04-2012 10:07 PM

We had a wine dinner in prep for an up coming auction. The auction house and the company at dinner were outstanding. The restaurant (Toque) was also outstanding, the food done incredibly well. I'm posting on the wines that were at the tasting and some that people brought to the event to share. Regardless of whether I thought the wine was good or not, I appreciated the opportunity to taste them and learn from them

1985 Mas Dumas Gassac - Aged, mostly secondary notes, medium - body,
thinner on the palate, medium body wine that is on its way out,
nothing much to return for.

RE: 1985 Mas Dumas Gassac - winoweenie - 11-05-2012 04:59 AM

Well Eng ole bean you did youse-self proud. Know you dint drive home. Sounds like the sponsers of this event really put some time, effort, and bucks into it. The weener used to love these marathon sessions but age has a way of changing them habits. Glad you're back and enjoy living the good life vicariously thru the posts. WW