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2002 Hanzell Chardonnay - TheEngineer - 11-04-2012 09:53 PM

We had a wine dinner in prep for an up coming auction. The auction house and the company at dinner were outstanding. The restaurant (Toque) was also outstanding, the food done incredibly well. I'm posting on the wines that were at the tasting and some that people brought to the event to share. Regardless of whether I thought the wine was good or not, I appreciated the opportunity to taste them and learn from them

02 Hanzell - I was looking forward to this but frankly nothing to get excited about here. Good density but nothing very interesting.. ( tasted with bread only )

RE: 2002 Hanzell Chardonnay - Kcwhippet - 11-06-2012 01:59 PM

We have some 02 Ramey in the shop - and it's on sale.