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Texas Allows Direct Shipping to - andrawes76 - 12-11-2011 05:28 PM

First off, I am a customer of simply because if I cannot get wine that they get. I think they have good service and an outstanding selection.

What I do not get from this is that the TABC, the regulatory agency in MY State of Texas quashed all direct shipments from our Company to any county outside of Travis County (Austin, TX). At that time a year ago, we were well on our track to be a sizable wine retailer and at no time did they even offer up to us a "Winery License" as they did to While we operate a completely different kind of wine retailer (personalized wine) they still didn't make any effort to bend licensing rules to ensure that we could operate and continue to produce sales tax revenues to our state. This circus show cost me over a million bucks... and now they will gladly give us a winery license even thought all we will ever do is blend one bottle, which I will gladly sell for "One Meeellion Dollars." There will be a waiting list for that single bottle... !

Enjoy reading this gnarly bit of news...

- Innkeeper - 12-11-2011 09:03 PM

Tell me about it. When I was in the service I made regular trips to Texas. On these I became enamored with wine that came from Bluebonnet Winery. I tried and tried to get shipments from them to my shipment allowed state, but alas they couldn't ship out!!! Now they are out of business methinks for that very reason. Sigh! You can still travel the Bluebonnet Wine Trail, but you won't find any Bluebonnet Winery on it.