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- keltikate - 11-23-2011 12:49 AM

My fiance and I make wine as a hobby and dediced to make a few batches as favors for our wedding. Unfortunately, we messed up something for one batch of Pinot Grigio so it is super sweet and not all the CO2 has been released.

I had the owner of our home wine making store try it and he agrees that it is absolutely fine to drink, but it should have something on the label stating it is sweet and has a bit of effervescence. I don't feel comfortable calling it a Pinot Grigio since it tastes nothing like it. Any label suggestions or names for this unique concoction?

- winoweenie - 11-23-2011 03:21 AM

What about " Sparkling Surprise" ? WW

- Drew - 11-23-2011 07:04 PM

Honeymoon Pizazz!

- TheEngineer - 11-23-2011 07:06 PM

Pinot Sparkle
Pinot Celebration
Pinot Pop. Smile
I guess a more formal name might be Pinot Sparkling Wine Sec, or Pinot Cremant Sec
Late Harvest Sparkling Pinot Grigio

"great bubbly sweet stuff"

- TheEngineer - 11-23-2011 07:07 PM

"Honeymoon Pizazz!"

I like that!!!!!