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- hotwine - 09-16-2011 03:20 PM

Anyone had this lately? Seems to have gone over to the dark side, with a bit of RS and lacking the crisp acidity I've come to expect. Maybe just an "off" bottle, but seems too much like Clicquot for comfort.

- TheEngineer - 09-17-2011 02:34 AM

Nope you are right at least on the Residual sugar side. I had one just before I went to France and when I tasted the "french version", it tasted more balanced and more crisp. So I asked the people there and they confirmed that the US gets a larger dosage of sugar than other countries......

- hotwine - 09-17-2011 03:16 AM

Dang! Now have got to find another fav.

- hotwine - 10-09-2011 09:52 PM

Can anyone recommend a champers to replace the now-corrupted Tait? Dry, crisply acidic, and less than $50.... Tankee.

- Kcwhippet - 10-10-2011 12:32 AM

You might want to give the Billecart-Salmon Blanc de Blanc a try. It may a bit over $50, but still give it just one try.

- hotwine - 10-10-2011 01:34 AM

Thanks Bob, will do.