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- andrawes76 - 09-11-2011 03:34 PM

I got word on my way to work about the first building being hit off 2222 and Loop One in Austin, TX. I was listening the radio and when I got to work, we turned on the TV in the breakroom and all of a sudden the second plane hit. I started crying immediately and I couldn't talk, I was paralyzed. More so I was angry as hell that someone could be polluted enough to think actions of terror are an option.

I want to just let you know that as a born citizen of the US, we may have our differences, but the outcome of that specific period was unity, something that we seemed to have lost over the past ten years. Regardless of our political beliefs, religion and what tax bracket we fall in, we are all Americans, and that means a heck of a lot to me. Bless you all.. :-D

- Drew - 09-11-2011 04:02 PM

It is amazing that we've lost that feeling of unity and I don't understand it but you're correct, we have lost it and the country is more divided now 10 years later. I have great concerns for the future of our country.

- Innkeeper - 09-11-2011 04:52 PM

We spent the night of the 10th in the Navy Inn on Staten Island. We had nothing to do the next day except to drive up to Bristol, RI to visit friends, about a four hour drive. Something got me up earlier than we needed to, and I got Bev up, and said let's go. As we approached the Gothels Bridge over to the Jersey Turnpike, we heard the news on the radio. Bev turned her head and saw the second plane hit.

As we drove up the NJ Pike, most people had pulled over the side to look. We just kept on going. When we got to I-80 we went west to the Garden State Pky and took it up to I-87 and we limped accross the Tappen Zee Bridge, the only bridge open at that point; with all kinds of wild reports on the radio, most of which were false. We got over to I-95 north and stopped at the first rest stop to call our friends. Our kids had already called them about us (this was before we had a cell phone). If we had not left when we did, we would have been on Staten Island for a week!

It is a shame that the unity we all felt that day has evaporated over the past ten years. We believe in evil spirits, and the strongest of that bunch is the Spirit of Division. You don't have to look far to see him at work.