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- winoweenie - 08-15-2011 12:41 PM

Woosie!!! This was " Hit it outta' the park week" and this blend of 60% cab and 40% cab franc was a fitting end. Delia and her daughter not only make one of the best drinking bottles i Napa they do it off one of the prettiest properties in the valley. Still with some velvety tannins that'll take this easily another 4-6 and hold for 8-10 more after this is a knock-out. 14.3 alc and a hefty 79 a clatter. WW

- TheEngineer - 08-15-2011 04:21 PM

WW, as you know I like this wine a lot too. Still remember the views from their tasting centre, overlooking double blac diamond steep slopes that they grow grapes on. Drove by it the other day, past Ladera too on my way to visit O'Shaughnessy. while $79 is certain a pricey bottle, you could do much worse and spend more and still not out perform it for that price.

RE: 2004 Viader - winoweenie - 11-13-2012 07:38 AM

Seeing as how I finally was coerced by me daughters to jern the facie-thingie Delia friended me almost as quickly as the girls. Have no idea how the friend stuff goes but do know she's a classy lady who makes some killer juice. I opened another of these hummers in honor of this(and the fact it sounded right) and as usual was more than rewarded fer me trouble. Coming along swimmingly but can still use another 3-6. Kick-Patootie juice. WW