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- hotwine - 01-11-2001 12:52 PM

For cellar mold due to very high humidity? That white powdery stuff is all over everything in there, and a few labels are now illegible.

- mrdutton - 01-11-2001 07:14 PM

A ventilation system connected to a humidistat would work quite nicely.<P>As for mold on the paper labels........<P>Keep the bottle in the cellar, of course, for temperature control. Bury the bottle in un-used kitty litter (scent free) for 5 to 6 days. That will get rid of the mold on the label.<p>[This message has been edited by mrdutton (edited 01-11-2001).]

- Bucko - 01-11-2001 08:15 PM

**Bury the bottle in un-used kitty litter (scent free) for 5 to 6 days. That will get rid of the mold on the label.**<P>I'm not EVEN going to ask.......<P>Bucko

- winoweenie - 01-11-2001 08:58 PM

All I can say Buckereeno is that you have now been appointed my official taster in Texas. WW

- cpurvis - 01-11-2001 11:08 PM

Kitty litter?!! O.K., that gives me my chuckle-for-the-day. And those East coasters think they're sound-minded enough to speak of strange ideas from the "left coast"? The D.C. (distinctly cockamamie) factor has apparently bled far enough into Virginia to infest one of the Board's otherwise fine minds ;-)<BR>cp<p>[This message has been edited by cpurvis (edited 01-11-2001).]

- mrdutton - 01-14-2001 09:24 AM

It is an old bookbinder's trick for removal of mold from old books that have been subject to high humidity. If kitty liter (unscented, clean) works for books, then I don't see why it would not work on a wine label.

- Bucko - 01-14-2001 12:02 PM

The guy is a wealth of knowledge. Do you think it would work on us Washington State types? <IMG SRC=""><P>Bucko

- winoweenie - 01-14-2001 05:20 PM

The whole problem with you Wash. types is wif` the amount of rain you gets, makes it impossible to get the label dry `nuff to put the bottle IN the kitty litter wif`out its` cloying and sticking. WW

- Thomas - 01-14-2001 06:29 PM

What Bucko and his state needs is a daily dose of unused (or used, if you like) kitty litter spread from an airplane, kind of like the crop dusters. ...<P>I think Mr D came up with a true winner recipe, and I have a few bags of the stuff lying around so I shall try it. <P>Kitty litter is also good for slippery snow on sidewalks, but you should see how it increases the neighborhood cat population, not to mention the yellow ice that forms overnight. ...

- Drew - 01-14-2001 11:23 PM

Gil, Fedex me those bottles with illegible labels and I'll get right on ID em..... <IMG SRC=""><P>Drew

- hotwine - 01-15-2001 06:32 AM

Yeah, right. Thanks anyway, Drew.<BR>Cellar location is enough to ID them.<BR>I'll probably wipe the bottles & bins down with vinegar, and see if that will retard the mold. Also plan to get serious about the "cellar rehab" project this spring, and either fix this thing or replace it. It's driving me nuts! (Yeah, I know, for some of us it's a short trip!) <p>[This message has been edited by hotwine (edited 01-15-2001).]

- winoweenie - 01-15-2001 07:07 AM

Drew, Isn`t this a duplicate post from last spring? Seems Hotsie was threatining his cellar then. WW

- hotwine - 01-15-2001 09:05 AM

Yup, it is a dupe, only the mold problem is new. Have been through two consultants since then, with no good solution yet. So I'm still bitchin'.

- Drew - 01-15-2001 10:07 AM

Gil, got this from an article on wine cellars. The article goes on to suggest purchasing a humistat to register relative humidity and adjusting with a de-humidifier.<P>**Anything under about 50 percent relative humidity is getting too dry and anything over about 80 percent creates the risk of mildew. But 50-80 percent relative humidity is fine. Notice I said relative humidity? The amount of water that can dissolve in air increases with temperature. The maximum amount that can be held at a particular temperature is 100 percent relative humidity. It's an important distinction. Just make sure that the instrument you use measures relative humidity.**<P>Drew<BR>

- hotwine - 01-15-2001 10:18 AM

Thanks, Drew. Have been reluctant to address only the humidity problem when temperature is also out of limits during the summer months, but may have to install a dehumidifier. BTW, temp is now an ideal 54 degrees but humidity is a 'way-out-of-bounds 94 percent. &lt;mutter, mutter, grumble&gt;<P>Gil<p>[This message has been edited by hotwine (edited 01-15-2001).]

- winoweenie - 01-15-2001 07:13 PM

Well Drew-boogs, Guess we`ll have to re-name the Hots-guy to Wets-Man. WW

- hotwine - 01-15-2001 07:35 PM

I've been called worse....

- mrdutton - 01-15-2001 09:52 PM

Hotwine, don't worry I won't refer to you with any such terms that might be construed as "heckling"........<P>However, please refer to my reply to you way back right after you posted your question.<P>Along with the kitty litter (which, it turns out is not such a dumb idea), I suggested that some ventilation and a humidistat would be in order.<P>I really get upset when my original thinking is ignored........... look out, I'm a gonna buy up all the Texas Pete and the Tabasco Sauce........ and then what will you do the next time you have to fly somewhere??<P>You better get that cellar in order!!!<P><BR>(GRIN)<p>[This message has been edited by mrdutton (edited 01-15-2001).]

- hotwine - 01-16-2001 06:22 AM

Mike, I noted your kitty-litter idea and passed on it, because 1) I can't stand the smell of the stuff and 2)don't really want to wipe down 300-plus bottles and five racks of bins/shelves with litter. If I can find some that's odor-free, I may put it in the cellar in open boxes as "humidity sumps". That's not a bad idea at all. As far as the humidifier goes, touched on that up the thread a ways: would like to tackle both the summer temp problem and the year-round humidity problem with one well-designed installation. Looks like the cost is going to run $3000-$5000, so I'd rather not have any false starts. <BR>I appreciate any and all ideas; no slights intended. But speaking of unanswered questions, did you notice mine to you in your thread on Mourvedre? I'm thinking the retailer just plain screwed up in selling me the Cline for $8.99; can't explain the price difference any other way.

- mrdutton - 01-16-2001 11:01 AM

Ooopppsss. I was just pulling your chain. I thought you'd see my (kinda almost a signature) (GRIN) !!!!<BR>