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- culinaryloft - 09-01-2000 08:54 PM

Hello fellow wine enthuses. Anyone know of other manufacturers of wine storage units like the Eurocaves (distributed by the Wine Enthusiast) ? I am looking for cellaring capabities for a varieties of wines that I hope to start collecting. Units that are not much bigger than an average refrigerator. The capacity I'm looking for is 200-500 bottles. The clincher is a maximum depth of 24", height and width are not important a problem.If you know of different manufacturers or distributors, please let me know ASAP. I am renovating and don't have much time to decide. <BR>Thank you for your help. The Culinary Loft

- winoweenie - 09-02-2000 12:15 PM

CulinaryL, Welcome to the board. If you don`t subscribe, borrow a copy of Wine Spectator. In the Classifieds you`ll find ads from probably every manufacturer of wine storage units in America. They list web-sites, 800#`s, and phone#`s. If it `aint there It`s so hidden you`ll never make the deadline. winoweenie

- culinaryloft - 09-03-2000 08:02 AM

Dear winoweenie,<P>Great suggestion, thank you! I used to have a subscription (complimentary as I used to photograph food shots for the magazine years ago) but have since let it lapse. I'm excited <BR>to check it out.<P>The Culinary Loft