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- rentanerd - 08-18-2001

I have purchased a new Eurocave wine storage system and now the built in wine racks in two places in my house look quite silly as they are empty.

What I would like is to buy about 20 or 30 bottles of rare wine bottles that someone else has had the pleasure of drinking.

I saw in Wine Enthusiat they had dye and as I have a barrel of wine coming over from frogland that we will be bottling in a few weeks I can recork them though really good fakes would be fun as well.

Any ideas on where I can find such animals?



- winoweenie - 08-18-2001

Hi there rent-a-nerd and welcome to the board. Talk to the best wine shop in your area that serves wine by the glass and explain your problem. They'll be more than willing to give you the empties, especially if'n you buy a dram or two.WW

- Innkeeper - 08-18-2001

Who are you trying to fool, your friends or yourself. You are surrounded by dozens of the finest wine emporiums in the country. Visit one, and introduce yourself, and then fill those caves with good wine in the original bottles with the longest aging on the bottom, and the drinkables now on the top. If you need names and addresses we can supply them easily.

- rentanerd - 08-18-2001

Thanks for the prompt reply... I can't figure out if I am either shy or lazy but I was hoping to just buy the darn things.

We are getting a barrel shipped over from France in a few weeks and I have spent the last month or so going to every place known to man that serves wine to get empty wine bottles and I am totally burnt out....

Also I live in a "yankee" town where a twenty dollar bottle of wine is considered expensive.... of the 350 bottles I have collected and cleaned for my bottling not one was what I would consider a great wine.


- rentanerd - 08-18-2001

Innkeeper.... the point is that I don't want my un-climatized racks... you know the big X ones built into them, in my kitchen and bar... to have my real wine in them as my house temperature goes up and down so much between the time I want to AC on or off or heat or humidity that I just want to fill them so they don't look like empty holes.

I do keep good wines in a climatized area.... a set of two Eurocaves.... BTW where nobody sees them so I am hardly showing off.

I am not trying to show off, I am trying to deal with a decorating problem with a little bit of fun.

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- Innkeeper - 08-19-2001

OK. Don't know exactly how you will locate these bottles. Just got rid of several myself, but you would not have wanted them, as the labels were in awful shape. Unless you find someone who opens fine wine too soon, it may be difficult. Going WW's route could be costly, because habitating places that regularly pour the fancy stuff, will cost you many sheckles per glass.

- winecollector - 08-19-2001

I rinse and save some of my empties for re-bottling, but honestly don't know if I've got anything you would be interested in. I currently have at least a dozen cases of empties at the present time, and regularly give cases of empties away to other wine makers. If you want some, your welcome to them.

- Kcwhippet - 08-20-2001


I work in a wine shop "near Boston" and we have cases and cases of empty and near empty bottles from our Saturday tastings and the seminars the owner conducts. Right now they're cluttering up the back room. While there may not be the really rare bottles you may be looking for, we have opened a few better wines. One of the bottles we opened this weekend was a Louis Jadot Vosne Romanee "Suchots" - certainly not a lesser wine at $70. Let me know if you'd like any more info.