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- Wallace - 06-19-2000 09:21 PM

During the time I was organizing the Mead Celebration of life I attempted several times to communicate with Sandra to discover had been shut down as had Sandra's e-address. I felt that was a really cheap shot without notice (They may have attempted notice while he was ill, don't know) and I sent mail to that affect to most of the kids. The following came back from Roy, "The closing of accounts, although it is f'd up of AOL but no surprise...I look at this differently. The screenname has been retired, similar to that of the jersey of Babe Ruth. Legends should take their rightful place...Jerry's is in our hearts!"

And with that I think it's time to retire the Curmudgeon on this board and dedicate this space to the man we all loved so much.

I look forward to all the great tales we have to share.

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- Jackie - 06-19-2000 09:31 PM


Thanks for getting the word out about the Jerry's Kids forum. Jerry knew so MANY great people, who all shared a common love for liberty and libation.

Without Jerry at the center of the wheel to keep the e-mail notes flowing, we are a bit at a loss.

This is a great way for all the Kids to meet each other, and honor TWC at the same time.

Good idea!

- Bucko - 06-19-2000 09:54 PM

Jim never ceases to amaze..... Jim is a great guy (if none of you have ever had the pleasure of meeting him) and I don't say this lightly, especially true for those who know mean old Bucko. }:>

I had to miss the Mead celebration of life -- hurt a lot, but there will be future opportunities. It is more important how you treat people while they are still around, and Jerry knew how I felt. I can rest easy. Take the time to tell people how you feel!

Jerry got me started in the wine writing and wine judging world. He took a lot of time with this old rookie, gave a lot of tips and encouragement, gave a lot of himself -- I'll never forget that. That is the whole essense of Jerry Mead -- he gave a lot of himself. Big shoes to fill, let me tell you.

AFA Sandra's AOL address, it is up and working, FWIW.

With sincerest regards,


- Innkeeper - 06-20-2000 06:44 AM

Though I never met Jerry mano-y-mano, I really felt I knew him through occasional phonecalls, and postal and e-mails over a couple of incarnations. Usually these had something to do with a jam I'd gotten myself into (surprise!) rather than questions about wine per se. Despite his gruf forward persona, he always understood the problem, and took the necessary action. If the action did not involve getting back to me, he wouldn't, but the problem was always solved.

On a different note; it was decent of Dan Berger to pick up the unexpired subscriptions to Winetrader Online.

- Thomas - 06-20-2000 07:13 AM

I was both surprised and pleased when Jerry asked me to join the "kids" email-o-gram.

We never met face-to-face, but we had about twelve years of correspondence between us that began with a letter I wrote to the Winetrader. Once, after I badgered the hell out of him for many years, Jerry even paid me to write something for the Winetrader!

I had the idea that it would be nice if his kids could somehow find a way to work together to keep the Winetrader alive. Me being one of the libertines of the group, I would be happy to rant and rave the way Jerry did, but of course, never as effectively.

When Jerry died I was amazed at how badly I felt to lose someone whom I never even spoke with directly. That is a testament to a real powerful personality--his.

- winoweenie - 06-20-2000 07:58 AM

Bucko, IK, WC et. al., The idea of keeping the kids intact is not only a good idea, but IMO an absolute must. If we let this group go its` divergent ways rhere`s no question in my feeble that the Curmster will find a way somehow to vinegarize every bottle in our respective cellars. It`s great that Jim is back and kicking and if there`s anything I can help facilitate (except physical labor) JW or Bucko, let me know. The So. Calif gettogether is a marvelous idea. Also have Sanra E-me the cellar list when she has time Winoweenie

- danberger - 06-20-2000 07:41 PM

Thanks for the invite to join this board. And an an homage to Jerry, I will be happy to be curmudgeonly to anyone who crosses wine's or the wine consumer's path. I think I never will get over Jerry's untimely passing, and hope that in some way I can carry on his work.

- winecollector - 06-21-2000 08:09 AM

I'm sorry to say, but I never had the chance to know Jerry Mead. I just recently found this wine board about three months ago. Prior to that, I had never met anyone as "obsessed" with wine as myself, and I didn't know that there were so many other people out there that enjoyed wine as much as I, until stumbling onto this site.

From the many postings of his that I have read from going back through the archives, it was obvious to me why you guys spoke so highly of him. I was very impressed with his knowledge, and now more so, from the kind words many of you have been writing as to the type of person Jerry was. I wish I would have had the chance to know him. People like him are few and far between.

- winoweenie - 06-21-2000 08:23 AM

WC, It`s not surprising that you didn`t meet the real deal living in Pa. I guess fortune jes` smile on us folk lucky nuff to be out West here. We`uns have been Shuckin` N Jivin` bout the grape for nigh on meeny, meeny, yars. Before you start , I want to let you know you`ll be attackin` me in absentia as I`m heading to San Diego for a 5-day week-end. Jim, I`d appreciate it if you`d cover my flank whilst I`m away. You know how rabid them wine-collectors can get when aroused.Winoweenie

- winecollector - 06-22-2000 06:19 AM

I'll be foaming at the mouth till you get back!

- EPICURUS - 06-22-2000 10:20 AM

My favorite Curmy recollection is actually a collection of jpg. images of naked girls that JDM sent out to his list to spice up his jeremiads about the latest governmental intrusion into our wine cellars. They use to drive Patrick Campbell crazy, though, since his PDA downloaded at 19 kps. They're still on my hard drive as it were, increasing in value with each passing month.

- Wallace - 06-22-2000 04:43 PM

WinoW, you're on your own. Go git him folks. Teach you to leave town.

- Wallace - 06-22-2000 04:50 PM

Dan, Glad you're here. For you fun lovin wine lovers out there who don't know Dan Berger I could probably tell as many outrageous tales about him as we could about Curmy. Dan heads up the Riverside wine judging and will be coming in to head up Mead's New World Wine Competion this coming February. He's even a writer of note. Dan are you going to be judging Mendo this year?

- Innkeeper - 08-05-2000 02:25 PM

Any chance of moving an October California reunion/2d Jerry memorial to the front burner?

- winoweenie - 08-06-2000 04:49 PM

Jim and IK , I think October is a great idea for a reunion of Jerry`s Kids. It works especially well due to the release of most of the mailing list wines for pickup after Oct. 1st.Let`s start putting this party together. Winoweenie

- Innkeeper - 08-06-2000 05:33 PM

Any chance that it could be in the Central Coast, say Santa Barbara or Santa Maria areas?

- Wallace - 09-26-2000 10:23 AM

I think it could be done but I'm busier than (well) offing Jerry's wines and because October is here someone else needs to take control. Based on the going away party I planned it would probably be wiser to plan for around Easter. You're talking a ton of coordination. Central Coast is a great suggestion. We even have a few winery contacts in the region. Wallace