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- 2alvarado - 03-29-2001 11:44 PM

While cleaning out my parents closet I came across a bottle of 1980 Blue Nun. Since I do not know anything about wine, I am wondering if the wine is still good and some backroung on the brand.

- cpurvis - 03-30-2001 03:07 AM

Welcome to the Board 2al. Unfortunately, 99:1 odds the wine is dead...very dead.

IMO, Blue Nun is an inexpensive brand historically served to unsuspecting, would-be wine drinkers by some restaurants attempting to fake a wine list & pander to the adult-pop crowd. It was supposedly changed to a drier style 3-4 yrs ago. cp

- Kcwhippet - 03-30-2001 07:40 AM

I last had it about 25 years ago. Yuck!

- Innkeeper - 03-30-2001 07:51 AM

Any wine drinker who says they never had any Blue Nun is about as truthful as the fourteen year old boy who says he doesn't do what all the other fourteen year old boys do.

- mrdutton - 03-30-2001 08:04 AM

Well now, with all that said, how can I possibly tell a lie.

Yeah I've drunk Blue Nun, Leibfraumilch, Annie Green Springs and MD20/20 and the likes of such.

But them days are long past. Thank goodness!!

- winoweenie - 03-30-2001 08:22 AM

I cannot lie 'neither. I've NEVER had Blue Nun. Mateus, Annie, Thunderbird etc., but no Nun. Make a great mantra.NO NUN...MMMMMM..NO NUN...MMMM What was the question? WW

- Thomas - 03-30-2001 11:19 AM

Blue Nun! What's that?

- cpurvis - 03-30-2001 12:17 PM

IK, I be the exception! Havin' lived a tee-totalin' youth in the South, I never had ANY wine before the Mirassou White Zin that I bought while in grad school at OU. Now THAT's a LONG dry spell!! And, havin' set hand to bottle those years ago, I'm not 'bout to loosen the grip now [img][/img]

P.S. I was well aware of the nature of Blue Nun 'cause it was sold in the restaurant where I worked during college.

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- chittychattykathy - 03-30-2001 08:34 PM

Whas' w/that grip comment?

- cpurvis - 03-31-2001 07:07 PM

Jus' standard policy CCK...always prudent ta have a good bottle of red firmly in the grasp...the Biblical equiv. suggests that once one has set hand-to-plow, one shouldn't look back [img][/img]