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- Sveneric Nilsson - 03-14-1999 05:19 PM

I have a collection of approx. 150 000 wine,
sherry, portwine, madeira, cognac, rhum labels
of 60 sorts. All labels are still in the
packages as they arrived to the importer in
the years between 1855 and 1907. In fact still
in the paper and strings wrapping from the
actual time. I also have most of the invoices
showing the individual ages of the labels.
Since every package on top has an example
of the labels inside, I can see that some
are marked with its year (i.e. Rhum Jamaique
To find a buyer, shall I open up and try to
sell i.e. via Internet a few to each, or try
to sell the packages, and where can I find a