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- reginaaskia - 03-26-2001 05:03 PM

Wine board
Im newly wed ...dont know the first thing about recipes....nor wines except that i love to have red wine with red meat dishes and wite with sea foods.
Now im to cook easter recipes and i want to go tropical
Coconut rice seved with Chicken, Steak and potatoes in meat sauce ,barbeque lamb ,ox tail soup, friut salad in punch ...snacks like greens , sourcisson, taboule and cheese already sounds disastrous ....HELP
which wines shall i serve

- Innkeeper - 03-26-2001 05:10 PM

Hi Reginaaskia, and welcome to the Wine Board. Would serve both Riesling Kabinett, and Cotes du Rhone Villages.

- winoweenie - 03-26-2001 05:25 PM

Reggie-girl, welcome to the board. Disaster be our middle name.Try my favorite wif' the coco chickie, a nice GeWWurtz and maybe one of them thins' from the So Of France called Cotes du Rhone wif' the meats. It's only wrong if your sig other don't eat it. As cute as U sound he'll probably ask fer seconds. winoweenie