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- Jackie - 10-18-2000 10:24 PM

Check out this picture taken recently at Les Halles Bistro on Lexington Avenue in New York City. Can anyone name these well known Wine Board members, left to right?


Jackie [img][/img]

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- Bucko - 10-19-2000 05:47 AM

I've seen that same picture on our post office bulletin board!


I suspect Foodie is in that bunch......

- winoweenie - 10-19-2000 07:21 AM


It`s MOE, CURLEY, ZEPPO & HARPO. winoweenie

- Thomas - 10-19-2000 10:56 AM

ww, Jackie said Left to Right; you went in reverse, of course... .

Jackie also failed to mention that the first person to answer correctly gets his/her own oak tree to do with whatever. I hear the things go for a fortune in parts of California.

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- winoweenie - 10-19-2000 07:26 PM

Food-man, Can I have mine planted on Spring Mtn? winoweenie

- Innkeeper - 10-20-2000 01:29 PM

Mrdutton, Winecollector, Kcwhippet, & Drew?

- winoweenie - 10-20-2000 06:27 PM

Ik, The fearless foursome are deep into their Friday nite Bridge foursome. winoweenie

- mrdutton - 10-20-2000 09:27 PM

Ain't me..........

I don't have a beard, so I can't be the fellow on the left or in the middle. The other two are too young.......

I was gonna guess: IK, Foodie, Bucko, WW

But that's just a wild guess....... [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 10-21-2000 10:49 AM

Know for sure I`m glad I wasn`t there. Hasn`t anyone but Moi noticed the abscence of liquid in their glasses. What wusses. winoweenie. Fire the waiter!

- Drew - 10-21-2000 07:29 PM

Ain't me either....although they do look like some guys I used to serve at the soup kitchen in downtown Baltimore! [img][/img]


- Kcwhippet - 10-23-2000 05:33 AM

Not me. Never been to Les Halles.

- Jackie - 10-24-2000 12:08 PM

So far only one right name has been mentioned....

- mrdutton - 10-24-2000 05:40 PM

Just ONE?????

I was told TWO names were correct...........

- winoweenie - 10-24-2000 08:21 PM

Jackie, Let me apologize for the irreverenmt answers from some of my fellow members. I for one would never stoop to such levity. Now for the more intelligent, handsome, loving, and down-rite cuties on this here thread.....INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW !! ANON.

- RAD - 10-24-2000 08:23 PM

I don't know, but the guy with the St. Louis hat must be smiling for OTHER reasons.

- winecollector - 10-25-2000 08:24 AM

Well let's see.... looks to me like the annual meeting of the board members of WITHSTAND, Innkeeper, Foodie, and Hotwine, and some junior achievement member that sold the most raffle tickets! Since there's no wine in their glasses, they must have ruled that ALL GRAPES ARE NOW EVIL!

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- Jackie - 10-25-2000 11:21 AM

Opps! TWO names are right, for sure. I stand corrected.


- hotwine - 10-25-2000 11:23 AM

Nope, I wasn't present. I don't have a dog in this fight.

- mrdutton - 10-25-2000 07:06 PM

Thanks, Jackie, for correcting your error!!!

- Thomas - 10-26-2000 07:42 AM

I don't suppose any of you have considered the possibility that the glasses had already been emptied by this group and the wait staff simply wasn't fast enough to refill them.

That St Louis cap must have had something to do with a particular National League playoff in which a particular NY team did well only to look like base-running fools in the over-hyped Subway Series that followed.

But to the wine geeks at hand, two names might be correct; which two and to which faces do they apply?; that is the question.