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- Freeman - 04-04-1999 12:33 AM

Could we please receive information on Tokay - grape variety, growing and processing requirements, climatic conditions and soil types required.

Thank you

- Bucko - 04-04-1999 03:54 PM

Depends on what you are asking:

1) There is the Tokay table grape in California that is made into wine then distilled into Brandy.

2) There is Tokay d'Alsace, which is made from the Pinot Gris grape.

3) There is Tokay from Hungary, which is labeled as Tokaji, and is made from the Furmint Grape.

Is it door #1, door #2 or door #3?

Monte Hall

- Fred - 04-09-1999 01:33 PM

I bought a bottle of Tokaj back from Hungary
and now it has a sediment. Is it still

- Jerry D Mead - 04-09-1999 01:40 PM

The wine is...the sediment is not!

Forgive my attempt at humor. A wine throwing sediment is never in itself a sign of a problem with the wine. It simply demonstrate that the wine hasn't been filtered and processed to death.

Stand the bottle upright for at least a few hours...a few days is better...and decant carefully leaving the sediment behind in the bottle.


- Thomas - 04-09-1999 03:00 PM


What is the origin of that Tokay table grape in Calif?

Did you know that Catawba (which was brought to LA County by Germans from the Mid West) was once called Tokay by J. Adlum, who had T. Jefferson taste the Tokay/catawba just before he died, and he liked it too.

- Bucko - 04-09-1999 08:10 PM

I don't know - it is appropriately called Flame Tokay, but AFA its roots - ?????


- Fred - 04-12-1999 09:45 PM

Thanks Curmudgeon, I guess I was wondering if it was usual for Tokaji to have a sediment, and if it said anything about the quality of the wine - I personally know very little. The wine was inexpensive, and I've had it for some time, I went to examine it, and noticed the sediment, which I had not noticed (or bothered to notice) before.