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- Pixie1016 - 05-22-2008 05:42 PM

I'm pretty tired of drinking good wine out of cheap glasses. I'm looking to invest in some good high quality glasses. I was thinking Riedel. I would like some recommendations on what to buy, sizes,style, ie Syrah, cabernet, chardonney? We drink a lot of red wine but now that summer is here, we will be drinking more whites. I would like to buy a basic starter set since I do not have the room to store a lot of different size of glasses for each type of wine. Please help!

- hotwine - 05-22-2008 06:15 PM

Welcome to the board, Pix.
We use Riedels for all wines. For reds, the Bordeaux Sommelier; for whites, a small white wine glass (can't even recall what Riedel calls it); and for Champagnes, a Riedel flute. Excellent quality. Suggest starting with 2 of each to give them a try, then if they pass your own sniff & taste tests you can buy more. Or if not, try others in their product line. We've never felt the need for more red glasses than the Bordeaux stems, which we found also work very well with Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Tempranillo (we consume very little Pinot Noir/Burgundy).

- TheEngineer - 05-22-2008 11:31 PM

I use a bunch of makers just to try, including Riedel which I use the most. I find that my basic set consists of a Bordeaux, a Burgundy, a Zinfandel and a Riesling with the Zinfandel pretty good as an everyday multi purposes glass. It's also a medium sized glass so it won't take up too much space. My most specialized would be the burgundy glasses which really does help with the burgundies and the bordeauxs jsut feel nice.

I also am using a lot of the Mikasa Oenology wine glasses. THey are a bit more durable and good enough for everyday use.

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- Bucko - 05-22-2008 11:44 PM

Riedel Vinum Gourmet glasses are fine for all wines and they only cost eight bucks a stem from Wine Exchange.

- TheEngineer - 05-23-2008 12:55 AM

Thanks Bucko! Sounds like a good glass for general use.

- Pixie1016 - 05-27-2008 12:17 PM

Thank you so much for the advice. I've wanted to buy some nice wine glasses for a while but was concerned I would purchase the wrong ones. I'm going to try and buy the glasses this week. I'm looking forward to trying them out this weekend! Thank you again!