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- aaxoxo - 12-07-2006 09:03 PM

Can someone please recommned a good and not so expensive wine that goes well with shrimp scampi pasta.


- dananne - 12-07-2006 09:09 PM

Welcome to the board. I'd think that a Sauvignon Blanc would work with the garlic and lemon elements in the dish. Maybe a herbacious one, like a New Zealand SB. Look on the thread below for options, but Kim Crawford is pretty widely available. I'm sure others will have more options, perhaps in the way of an Italian white.

- hotwine - 12-07-2006 09:53 PM

I would default to Tommasi Pinot Grigio, unless there's a red marinara sauce involved, in which case a medium-weight red might be in order. Have used both Barolo and Barbaresco in such cases. Tommasi is about $11 and I've had the B&B's in the $10-$20 range, although they can go much higher.

- wdonovan - 12-08-2006 09:46 AM

Hotwine, you'd do a Barolo with a reddened scampi? Ain't that like going to a knife fight with a grenade launcher?

- hotwine - 12-08-2006 10:22 PM

Sumthin' like that WD. Just not quite so up close and personal.