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- soupey - 07-22-1999 09:44 PM

I'm looking to get started in wine collecting, but I need some advice on how to go about it. Could you suggest some helpful books or websites that may help me get started? Thanks.
From the amateur collector

- Bucko - 07-22-1999 10:16 PM

Soupey, it sounds stupid, corny, and all of the other adjectives around, but tasting is the only way to find wines that you like. Look in the paper, call wine shops, etc. to find out when some tastings are going on, then by all means attend. Be aware that tastes change over time, so do not go crazy and buy megaloads of wine for what you love NOW. Taste, taste, taste...... reading books gives you a good understanding of the technical aspects of vineyards and winemaking, but NOTHING substitutes for personal tasting. Trust your own palate -- don't be swayed by others. Over time you will become much more comfortable with your own assessment, and you will not need others approval. Have fun.


- Jerry D Mead - 07-23-1999 01:42 AM

Soupey...You don't say where you live. Knowing could possibly help with folks being able to recommend some places for you to visit, taste and learn. JDM