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- wineboy - 05-04-2006 03:06 PM

Can anyone give me an idea of how much a bottle of Grange 1998 will be worth if cellared till peak drinking time which is 2010 to 2040. I'd like to sell it one day but if the value isn't gonna quite much more than what I paid I have no problem opening it up and enjoying. Will be price go up as it gets older?

Also, is a link to the tasting notes for the Grange 1998 if anyone would like to read

- dananne - 05-04-2006 04:10 PM

The market for individual bottles (with possibly unsure provinence) is extremely limited. You could try or the like, but my advice would be to simply enjoy the wine yourself on a special evening with family and/or friends. Personally, I don't really think of wine as an investment, but rather something to enjoy, particularly with good company. Just my .02!

Either way you choose, good luck, and welcome to the Wine Board!

- winoweenie - 05-04-2006 05:27 PM

Hi WB and welcome to the board.Since the Granges' have escalated in price on release there is not really a huge market on the resale market as the buyers are mostly drinkers rather than collectors. Ds' advice is rite-on. I personally intend to start opening the 98s' in another 2-3 years. WW

- wineboy - 05-04-2006 07:09 PM

Deep down I really would like to keep the 98 and enjoy it with good company in the future. I couldn't imagine passing up the opportunity to experience the Grange.

Thank you for the info and the warm welcome!