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- Thomas - 11-18-1999 08:26 AM

Hello again.

When I sign on I no longer get orange suitcases to show the latest messages, and I can no longer back up the pages the way I used to.

- Thomas - 11-18-1999 08:32 AM

Incidentally, I know they are not suitcases (locks, right?) but they look like suitcases.

- Jackie - 11-23-1999 04:06 AM

The little suitcases (actually Ithink they are supposed to look like file folders) should be back now and working. I've also finally eliminated most of the duplicates that were popping up in older threads.

The lights should be working and you should be able to "back up" by using your back button or by clicking on the menu links or the purple wine galss at the top of the page.

- Jerry D Mead - 11-23-1999 09:29 AM

The suitcases are turning pink for me now (started yesterday) and yellow lightbulbs working too.

The only thing that isn't working for me like it used to, is that I now have use my user name and password the first message I post each time I come online, where before it knew who I was without me telling it.

- Bucko - 11-23-1999 09:49 AM

Redo your cookie.