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- Isabella - 01-13-1999 09:21 AM

Novice is not the word for myself at this point. I am a total beginner but that doesnot meant I can educate myself on wines. My point is that I have this wonderful Foncesca - Vintage Porto 85 and I would like it if anyone out there would tell me a little more about the quality before I sell the wines. These wines that I have were just a mistakeable spontaneous wine spree I went on when I was upset. Now I need to sell. I also have a Limited Edition (5 bottles)that I purchased at an auction at The Rio in Las Vegas - that I need to sell. Any suggestions? Hope for a hint, advise and more.

- Bucko - 01-13-1999 09:45 AM

The 85 Fonseca is a wonderful wine and I would not sell it unless $$$$ is a priority right now. Let it age 10 more years then try one.

If you must sell, go to and sell the wines there - the price received is usually very good, plus you can see what prior wines sold for.


- tomstevenson - 01-19-1999 03:10 PM

This might just be a technicality, but is this a "tech tip". I think you should have a system that allows you to shunt posts into a more relevant topic and notify the postee (does such a word exist?) of this by email.

- Jackie - 01-20-1999 01:39 AM

Yup, it would be nice if there were a way to move messages around. Unfortunately, the best I can do is "copy & paste".

Let's continue this thread in the "Collectibles/Auction News" forum, instead of here.

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