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- Thomas - 03-18-2002 01:26 PM

Hello guys. All of a sudden, just the other day, I could no longer access the board on my Mac at home, through Netscape. I can get on the rest of the site, even navigate all sections, but not this board. At work, no problem--on a PC using Explorer.

Anyone have any ideas?

- winoweenie - 03-19-2002 12:30 PM

Funny!!!! This AM I couldn't get on to save my posts-terior. Now, like nothin' happened. WW

- Thomas - 03-19-2002 12:43 PM

My Netscape at home tells me that the server has no DNS or is it INS??? Whatever, I can no longer get on the board via Netscape at home. And I did absolutely nothing to make this happen. I believe it either has something to do with JAVA or with the "cookie" function--maybe the cookie monster invaded my computer!

- wondersofwine - 03-19-2002 12:48 PM

He/she/it is probably taking a break for java and cookies.

- Thomas - 03-19-2002 02:36 PM

..I like that one...hope the monster chokes on the two

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- Jackie - 03-19-2002 09:38 PM


Is everything working OK for you now? I assume it's OK since you were able to post the messages above. Pls. let me know, if you are still having problems.


- Thomas - 03-20-2002 05:03 PM

No, Jackie, it's not fixed. I am posting at work, using Explorer. My problem is at home, where I use a Mac and Netscape online.

My wife says it sounds like the wine board has made a change that either excludes Netscape or has certain features that my Netscape cannot access.

- Bucko - 03-20-2002 09:10 PM

We are working furiously to exclude your Explorer as well........... [img][/img]

- Jackie - 03-21-2002 10:59 PM

I have not made any technical changes to the Wineboard for the last couple of months. I'm baffled as to why your Netscape browser suddenly can't view the Board. Have you recently changed versions? Which version are you using that's having these problems?

I also use Netscape and actually prefer it to Microsoft Explorer... I have no problems at all. Odd... I will investigate.

Anyone else experiencing this??


- Thomas - 03-22-2002 09:22 AM

Well, Jackie, I am baffled too. This morning I got on the board from my Mac at home--Netscape--without incident; this after a week of being unable to do so.

I have not changed to a new version of Netscape in two years, have done nothing this week to change the version or to address the problem, but have all of a sudden gotten back on the wine board.

Go figure!

- winoweenie - 03-27-2002 08:31 AM

Well Foodie, a fine mess you got me into this time Ollie. Suddenly last week my computer did the same thing yours' did. I COULDN'T get on the board to post.I tried ebberthin' and it kept telling me someone had my e-mail address. Jackie must be out of town so I couldn't get the new password that was sent when I changed my e-mail. I even tried a new profile etc. but when I entered my e address it got kicked back. Finally I called my son-in-law who suggested I retrieve my new password. Eureka! it worked. So thas' why I didn't post after the wedding and why I've been mum. The weener be back. WW

- Jackie - 03-27-2002 04:04 PM

Just checking in. I am out of town in Salt Lake City for the rest of the week. Flew here Saturday morning because my father was hospitalized for emergency heart surgery.

He had a quadruple by-pass yesterday and so far he is doing well, although he's in a great deal of pain. He's 75 and otherwise in good shape, so I am hopeful he will recover soon.

Take care everyone!


- Bucko - 03-27-2002 09:13 PM

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

- winoweenie - 03-28-2002 07:03 AM

Hi Jackie and add my best for your dad. As you can see you can ignore all of my pleading E-mails whenced thou gettest home. BPR. WW

- Drew - 03-28-2002 08:20 AM

My prayers are with you and your dad, Jackie.


- Thomas - 03-28-2002 06:36 PM

God speed, Jackie.

- Jackie - 04-03-2002 10:29 PM

Thank you friends for all the good wishes. WW, I'm so glad you are online again.

My good news is that Dad is doing very well and is now out of the hospital. We were very nervous that he might have to have part of the aorta replaced (a very dangerous 16-hour surgery) but the surgeons decided it was not necessary. It's a great relief and I'm very happy.

I returned yesterday to the SF Bay Area & I am trying to get caught up. Gald to be back and thanks again for your friendship.


- winoweenie - 04-04-2002 06:59 AM

By jove, lightin' them candles must help. Great news Jackie. WW

- Drew - 04-04-2002 09:42 AM

Great news indeed, Jackie....BTW WW, howd ya get in that church without a lightning strike?


- winoweenie - 04-04-2002 09:59 AM

Alright!!!!!! So it was mine CB whost did the lightin'. WW