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- Thomas - 12-02-1999 08:46 PM

Some of the forum items come up blank, even one on which I recently posted a message. What gives?

- Jackie - 12-03-1999 02:15 AM

The new server we are on now was storing log files that took up a huge amount of space. It was preventing message from being stored. This is fixed now and I hope it will not reoccur.

The good news is that 3500-4000 wine lovers are visiting this site every day.

- Thomas - 12-03-1999 09:00 AM


- Innkeeper - 12-03-1999 09:31 AM

Just yesterday a fellow named Red posted a question called "Help" under Food & Wine Affinities. There were two responses, and the posting immediately went blank and is still blank. Has this problem been fixed since yesterday? This is a great forum, and we should try our best to hang on to each new member.

- Jackie - 12-04-1999 07:00 PM

Thank for the alert. I was able to recover the file. The messages are back.

If you are not seeing them, please hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and then hit the "reload" or "refresh button" to force the browser to retrieve the new page for you.

If anyone sees any other glitches, please post a notice here and I will try to fix it.


- Thomas - 12-05-1999 04:28 PM


The Champagne forum disappeared too. And I had just about got in the last word on the curmudgeon.

- Jackie - 12-06-1999 01:41 PM

Dear Foodie,

You have the last word again. I recovered the thread on Wycliff Brut Champagne that was not working in the Champagne/Sparkling Wine forum.

To see it, you may have to hold down the shift key and click "refresh" or "reload" on your borwser to clear the old page out of browser memory.