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- Freddy - 07-14-1999 02:34 PM

Would any one you knowledgeable wine experts suggest any sweet tasting wine bottles for under $200? THANK YOU.

- Jerry D Mead - 07-15-1999 03:27 AM

That's a big range. Give us a little more help. White? Red? Pink? For dessert? For refreshment? For a gift?...and if so to whom?


- Freddy - 08-10-1999 02:05 PM

Sorry I haven't replied. Well to narrow the search in a great tasting wine I would prefer a very sweet tasting RED WINE for refreshment for under $200 a bottle. Thanks1

- Jerry D Mead - 08-10-1999 04:20 PM

Ask your wine merchant to recommend some mature Vintage Ports he might have in stock.

If it doesn't have to be red...check out French Sauternes, California wines labeled "Late Harvest" or German or Austrian wines designated Beerenauslese.

After you try something, let us know if you like it...we'll be able to better fine tune once we know what you like or don't like.